Sunday, October 7, 2007

Toddlers, tantrums and butcher knives

So I get my weekly update from Baby Center about my 23 month old. And it covers the usual stuff, tantrums, "discipline" (discipline means teaching, not punishing, etc.), and tells me my darling little girl should be able to dress and undress herself now.


By dress do you mean put her hands through the arm-holes of shirts after I chase her down, laughing, and squip the shirt or dress over her big head? (97th percentile for her noggin, thank you very much) My husband and I like to quote So I married an axe murderer: "It's like an orrange on a toothpick." Cuz, she can't seem to get pulling shirts on herself. Or hats. Now, she can pull em off her head, but that's only after we pull her arms out, which she has yet to figure out. And pants... well, if you hold em out, she'll step into them. Putting on socks just ticks her off. And the only shoes she can put on herself are mine. ::sigh:: In the developmental rat-race we're behind again. How does this happen? I have visions of my darling girl, standing in the coat room in the 1st grade, stuck in her raincoat and galoshes. She'll have to look up at teacher with those huge baby blues and say, "Help?" And it's all my fault of course. I'm way too quick to jump in and help her as she flails around, sobbing "help, help" when she tries to pull a hat on and can't seem to get it open enough to slide onto her head. But honestly who can resist such sweet cries for aid? Not this softy.

Well, unless she's crying "help, help" because she can't reach the butcher knife she recently saw me wielding during dinner prep. Somehow that's a bit easier. What is with this child and desperately craving sharp, pointy objects of doom? Toy knives don't make the "cut", either. It has to be a real one, or we get to enjoy the tantrums Baby Center so kindly informed me of. (Good thing they told me, ya know, since I hadn't noticed. I just thought she was possessed. Well, sometimes I still wonder...)

Oh and as for the tantrums, my husband is *convinced* she's playing us like no tomorrow. Because one minute, she'll be sobbing, tears streaming down her pink face, and then she'll suddenly notice... say - the bubble wand sitting on top of the TV stand. And... tears STOP. And she asks so sprightly: "Mama, bubbos?" Her face is still red and glistening, her chest still shuddering each breath from the storm a few moments ago, but the oh-so cheery voice and oddly sunny expression... Well, he's convinced she was totally faking the melt-down from the get-go. Me, I'm not so sure. I mean... when she's wandering around doing the whiny, half-hearted repeating of a word, that's my idea of faking. But the tears, and the not able to catch her breath, I know I'm sure not capable of those kind of performances...

So, do we have a budding actress on our hands, or maybe a Machiavellian manipulator, or the next Eve, or is she, like momma, a bit too easily distracted, even from life shattering events like... not having butcher knives?

On another note, I guess I should probably explain the name of my blog a bit... See, I was always The Nerd growing up. Then in high school I found another group of friends who were willing to adopt me, they referred to themselves as band geeks, and forgave me my bookish ways and tendency to use words like plethora and disingenious in every day conversation. I even ended up playing in the marching band so I could watch football games with them on the sidelines. (I played cymbals, which required no actual musical talent, just the ability to count to four, or one-and-two-and-three-and-four, as the case may be.) Also in college, I met up with a group of gamers (D&D) and was adopted into the fold there. I LOVE gaming, but to me it is not quite the passion that some have, and sometimes I take a few months off (*gasp*) to pursue other things in my life.

Now my husband... he's always seen himself more as a gamer geek (though I tease him very much about him being a jock since he played football in high school - which means jock to me). So, the title... it's about us, and my daughter. I mean, what happens when a nerd and a geek have kids? She seems so... normal. I mean...not painfully, hide under the table shy like I was as a kid. So maybe she's more outgoing like her daddy (though he says he wasn't that outgoing as a kid...)

Anyway. So this blog will be about things nerdy, things geeky, and my daughter.

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