Saturday, October 6, 2007

I hate introductions

So, why does a shy, introverted technomama start blogging? This is a question for the ages. Perhaps because as a nerdy working mom in a suburban SAHM neighborhood, I feel even more socially inept than I did in high school. And because I like to hear (see?) myself talk. With the option of editing the responses of others. Ah the control.

Honestly, I'd like a place where I can gripe about routing issues and whether or not Motorola should be allowed to make enterprise broadband routers and then switch things up and talk about how my darling daughter just fell outside the other day and looks like she got roughed up by a bunch of street thugs instead of just the street. And the fact that I don't have to watch someone's blank stare as they either don't care about routers or kids is a serious bonus.

And why blogger? Well, I could build my own web server, and install Linux (please don't get into what Distro with me... it's worse than politics and I hardly know you.) And put maybe PHP and whatnot on it. And harden it so you nasty hackers who think Motorola makes GREAT BSRs don't get in, and register a domain, and... it never gets done. (Before I had a kid, this would've been SO much fun - but I couldn't undo that life change even if I wanted to - which I don't.)

So anyway, here's my blog, and I'll probably post feverishly here for a week before getting bored and doing something else with my nonexistant spare time. So, thanks for reading, if anyone does :D

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