Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ron Paul for President?

Let me start out by saying that while I have some very clear-cut views about many issues that politicians blabber about endlessly, I am really not interested in politics. It makes me mad and frustrated all the back talk and spin they spew out continuously, so I end up avoiding dealing with elections as much as possible on a national level. Locally, I try to stay in touch with the issues and put up with more of the mud-slinging than nationally because I honestly feel that my opinion has more of an effect, and because I am much closer to the results of the actions our government takes.

That being said, I suddenly find myself very intrigued by the Republican hopeful Ron Paul, who is looking to get the nomination for president next spring. Some co-workers turned me on to his existence after feeling me out on my views. And... I'm pretty impressed. So much so that I'm actually contemplating voting in a Primary. I've considered myself an independent my entire voting career because my views really don't align with either party very well. Imagine my surprise in finding out I'm probably what you would call a Libertarian. Huh. Stop passing a bunch of laws to protect me from myself. (I HATE the seat belt law, but I wear a seat belt). Get the Federal government to BUTT out of local issues and let the people in communities who understand the problems fix the problems. Nothing makes me crazier than hearing about Congress discussing DMCA or other technology related bills (Don't get me started on Net neutrality) and knowing that the majority of these people haven't the foggiest idea how this stuff WORKS let alone how to make it work well for everyone.

So I did some searching online... and I found A LOT of uhm... enthusiastic people. So I guess the question is... what's the catch? I know a lot about routing and drivers and electronics and software, but macroeconomics and international diplomacy are not exactly my forte. (I took a class on microeconomics in college, and just about DIED, all I remember is supply and demand.) I guess... it's pretty darn easy to find what people like about this guy, but I usually like to hear both sides. So anyone a serious detractor that can give me actual facts/references? (Ron Paul Suxx0r commentors please restrain yourselves, and Ron Paul R0xx0rz commenters are also requested to skip this comment section)

Of course, given the crickets I maintain on this blog... I'll probably just Google it some more :)

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